Use Cases

Enhance data extraction in the digital universe

Keep an eye on the biggest trends in the global market, as well as other matters relevant to your brand, in order to optimize your commercial strategy. You can also use the most relevant insights to create content with the greatest potential for engagement.

Discover and understand your audience

Understand the fragmented and complex trajectory of your target audience by segmenting and analyzing conversations about your brand across all digital channels so you can create even better interactions, in addition to discovering new audiences with potential synergy.

Optimize your sales and marketing

Compare your performance with that of your competitors and get relevant information to redirect your competitive strategy at any time. You can discover new investment opportunities and recognize risk zones with ease.

Continuously improve customer satisfaction tracking

Track your brand’s performance in real time, focusing on how your services are being received by the audience. You can further improve your products by understanding consumers’ perceptions and expectations.

Elevate ad intelligence to reduce expenses

Understand the content strategies that work for your business, as well as the ones that do not, in order to know exactly how to position yourself in upcoming campaigns. You can better understand your target audience and know the best times to advertise.

Understand what people want to watch in the digital world

Build strategies to thrive not just survive in the video age. To attract the attention of thousands of people around the world, you need to get to know them in depth, understand their behavior and find out what they want to consume on the internet.

Discover the ideal influencers for high-impact partnerships

Boost your marketing campaigns and hire the most compatible influencers in your industry. You can spend less time looking for weak opportunities and more time building successful relationships with the right people.

Identify and mitigate risks in the first few minutes

Track the buzz around your brand by quickly identifying mentions classified as negative. If a crisis hits your business, you and your team should know how to leverage positive action in the least time possible.

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